Logicon offers comprehensive Robotics Automation Training on Universal Robots. It is first collaborative robot which ensures highest safety and blazing set up with ease in programming and super saving in space, electricity and maintenance cost, suitable for all industrial application. In true sense it is used as flexible automation system.

What you are going to learn within the next almost 5 day’ of our course, which I really hope that you will enjoy, is to demystify the world of basic of robotics by examining step by step the basic parts that comprise a collaborative robot.  To be more precise, we are going to start with a small glimpse of the primitive robotic, then we will take a look at the “heart” of a robotic see what are the basic stuff in collaborative robots, advantage over industrial robotics and it’s various application area with future scope of development.

Finally when we finish this course above all I hope that you will know what is necessary to be able to start implementing robotic technology in industrial application. What we have learned from all my years of experience is, that it doesn’t matter if you are an beginner, an academic, or an automation professional …

What really makes the difference is, having someone to show you the easiest way, on how to be clear and methodical….since after all “Robotics is the future and will encompass all our application!!

What you will learn 

  • Understand and select a basics of Robotic and  new trends in a typical industry
  • Understand the components details of robots , Various terminology
  • Identify and select the robotic application for an automation project.
  • Introduction to collaborative robot
  • Industrial robot V/S Collaborative robot.
  • Initial parameter setting and checking
  • Master the basic command and program based on the same
  • Master the basic application programming of robot and doing small application and programming both theoretically and hands on
  • Connection with peripheral devices like sensor , gripper and conveyor
  • Online simulation tools and resources.
  • Future of robotics and it’s application and it’s use in industry 4.0
  • Master the basic application programming of robot and doing small application and programming both theoretically and hands on


  • Basic engineering degree of any stream
  • Basic introduction to general commands
  • General understanding about robots

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    Meet the market’s most Collaborative Family: 

    Take flexibility, then add intelligence endurance and outstanding precision and you have a UR robot arm. The UR family has three members: The UR3, the UR5 and the UR10 – each named after their payload capacity in kilograms and each with outstanding collaborative abilities that will make them a favorite on the production line.