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Logicon offers comprehensive robotic solutions from Universal Robots. It is first collaborative robot which ensures highest safety and blazing set up with ease in programming and super saving in space, electricity and maintenance cost, suitable for all industrial application. In true sense it is used as flexible automation system.

Five Fast Benefits for your Business

  • Easy Programming:
    Even operators without programming experience can easily start up using 3D functions. Simply set the robot to an arbitrary position by direct teaching or touch the arrow key of an easy-to-use touch pad.
  • Fast Set-Up
    The universal robot has shortened the startup time of a robot that took several weeks in the past to several hours and revolutionized robot startup. Average start-up time is half a day!! From unpacking the robot to performing simple tasks, less experienced operators can do within an hour.

  • Fastest Payback in the Industry:
    Universal robots offer all the advantages of robotic advanced automation with minimal additional cost of robotics. Robotic automation can be introduced at affordable prices for SMEs.
  • Flexible Deployment:
    The universal robot is lightweight, takes up little space, and it is easy to relocate according to the application without changing the layout inside the production facility. It is also possible to reuse the iterative work program created between robots.

  • Collaborative and Safe:
    It is dirty, dangerous, simple and boring, leaving such work to the robot, it is possible to reduce operator’s repetitive stress disturbance and accident injuries. 80% of the universal robots used around the world work according to the risk assessment and are working right next to the operator without a safety fence. The safety system of the universal robot has been approved by TUV.

Meet the market’s most Collaborative Family: 

Take flexibility, then add intelligence endurance and outstanding precision and you have a UR robot arm. The UR family has three members: The UR3, the UR5 and the UR10 – each named after their payload capacity in kilograms and each with outstanding collaborative abilities that will make them a favorite on the production line.

Universal Robot Videos: 

  • Case Packer Application:

  • Palletizing Solution:

  • Robotic Application at Automation Expo:

  • Robot Aarti: