Expanding on the domain expertise in the Automation and Digital Manufacturing our dedicated team for Automotive solutions delivers cost-effective and scalable solutions to digitize factory operations and fuel the vision of smart factories using Automation and Control. We have served many Automation and Digital Manufacturing solutions to leading automotive and auto components manufacturers.


OEE & Downtime Analysis

We provide solutions to auto capture machine downtime directly from the machine controllers to monitor real-time Overall Equipment Efficiency and provide on demand Information Access on web and mobile using our Loss Capture Automation (LCA) web portal.

Track and Trace

The Track and Trace solution is used widely for Warehouse Management, Asset and Spare Management and Fleet Monitoring in factories to provide real-time location tracking at the ground level for efficient Inventory Management and reducing wastage.

Predictive Maintenance

The Predictive Maintenance solution entails an efficient method to study the pattern of failure or breakdown of machines using AI module. The algorithm predicts the frequency of failures to help the design an efficient maintenance schedule to avoid machine breakdown and reduce downtime.

Digital Logbooks

We help digitize all product related documentation by providing a paperless solution.All Production, Quality and Maintenance data which originally logged manually using paper logbooks are replaced by Digital Logbooks that help ease tracking and storing of data for the entire operation process. 

Our team specializes in turnkey solutions in the Automotive domain which help control overall cost of operation and enhance the productivity of the undertaken system. We capture and monitor real-time data and enable the factory personnel to have continuous access to all parameters in order to make informed decisions to improve the system efficiency and help ease management at ground level.

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