Industries Served

Chemical, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Fertilizers

Rubber chemicals, Mancozeb, TCZ, Synthesis, Insecticides, Distillation, EPS, Solvent Extraction, Fluro-chemicals, HDPE, Expanded Polystyrene, Formulation plants (WDG, Flow Seed, CS), Spray Dryers, Evaporators, Distillery, Precipitated Silica, Antiperspirant Active Ingredients, Hazardous Chemical plant Automation, OEE Analysis, SPC, MES integration

Blending & Mixing plants

Recipe Management, Blending and Batching Systems as per ISA-S88 standards for Lube Oil, Transformer Oil, White Oil, Grease & Petroleum Jelly manufacturing plants

CPG, Food & Beverages

Line Automation, Packaging & Wrapping Machine, Mixer Automation, Weighing & Batching Systems, OEE Analysis, SPC, ERP & MES for Toilet Soap, Detergent Soap & Powder, Liquid Soaps, Food & Beverage manufacturing plants

Life Science

Solvent Transfer System, Reactor Automation, Building Management & HVAC, Tablet Coating, Process Dryers (FBD, RCVD, RVPD, FBE etc.), Encapsulation/Blister Packaging Machine, Temperature Control Unit, Utility Automation, Electronic Batch Monitoring systems, Line Integration & OEE, Validation documentation & Services

Power, Cement & Infrastructure

Material Handling (Coal, Ash, Clinker Handling), Wagon Tippler Machine, Stacker & Reclaimer Machine, Solar Power, Boiler & Turbine Control, Balance of Plant Controls, Bag filters & ESP, Switch Yard & Power Distribution, Power & Energy Management System, Building Management & HVAC, Water Treatment Plants, Utility Controls & Management

Textiles & Fiber

Extruder Automation, Spinning & Winding Machine Automation, Draw Texturing Machine, FDY, Godet Control, Dryer Automation, Chip Transport etc.

Project OEM’s & EPC’s

Material Handling, Turbine, Boiler, Chiller, Water Treatment & Purification, Desalination Plants, DG, Stacker/ Reclaimer Machines, Compressors & Air Dryers, Bag Filters, ESP’s, Process Dryers, Spray Dryers, Evaporators & Special Purpose M/C’s (SPM), HVAC & BMS, Solar Power Plants etc.