Industries Served

Chemical, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas, Fertilizers

Rubber chemicals, Mancozeb, TCZ, Synthesis, Insecticides, Distillation, EPS, Solvent Extraction, Fluro-chemicals, HDPE, Expanded Polystyrene, Formulation plants (WDG, Flow Seed, CS), Spray Dryers, Evaporators, Distillery, Precipitated Silica, Antiperspirant Active Ingredients, Hazardous Chemical plant Automation, OEE Analysis, SPC, MES integration

Life Science

Solvent Transfer System, Reactor Automation, Building Management & HVAC, Tablet Coating, Process Dryers (FBD, RCVD, RVPD, FBE etc.), Encapsulation/Blister Packaging Machine, Temperature Control Unit, Utility Automation, Electronic Batch Monitoring systems, Line Integration & OEE, Validation documentation & Services

Blending & Mixing plants

Recipe Management, Blending and Batching Systems as per ISA-S88 standards for Lube Oil, Transformer Oil, White Oil, Grease & Petroleum Jelly manufacturing plants

Power, Cement & Infrastructure

Material Handling (Coal, Ash, Clinker Handling), Wagon Tippler Machine, Stacker & Reclaimer Machine, Solar Power, Boiler & Turbine Control, Balance of Plant Controls, Bag filters & ESP, Switch Yard & Power Distribution, Power & Energy Management System, Building Management & HVAC, Water Treatment Plants, Utility Controls & Management

Textiles & Fiber

Extruder Automation, Spinning & Winding Machine Automation, Draw Texturing Machine, FDY, Godet Control, Dryer Automation, Chip Transport etc.

Project OEM’s & EPC’s

Material Handling, Turbine, Boiler, Chiller, Water Treatment & Purification, Desalination Plants, DG, Stacker/ Reclaimer Machines, Compressors & Air Dryers, Bag Filters, ESP’s, Process Dryers, Spray Dryers, Evaporators & Special Purpose M/C’s (SPM), HVAC & BMS, Solar Power Plants etc.