Our Digital Manufacturing team provided intelligent solutions to a pioneer in the Automotive manufacturing industry. We captured and monitored the line losses and OEE thereby resulting in improved productivity and overall efficiency of the their robotic production line.


  • The company would like to monitor the weld quality and the corresponding weld parameters during the robot working cycles.
  • The preventive maintenance tasks for all the robots and stations in the line need to be configured and executed timely according to the required frequency of maintenance.
  • The line losses need to be captured and analyzed to enhance performance.
  • The energy consumed by the line robots and components needs to be recorded, monitored and analyzed for efficient power consumption.
  • The live production data is to be monitored and displayed on the ANDON screen on the shop floor.


  • In order to achieve the end goal we use the following solutions :
  • Dashboard to display live OEE in order to monitor line performance and quality.
  • Weld monitoring dashboard with weld data of all the weld guns showing the percentage value and count of acceptable and unacceptable parts.
  • Production data is monitored live to display station-wise and robot-wise data using a report using a dashboard.
  • Comprehensive Cluster Dashboard with Production and OEE
  • Daily maintenance schedule and PM task allocation to operators is done by the supervisors using the Preventive Maintenance configuration module.
  • Energy consumed by the feeders on the line is monitored using a dedicated energy consumption dashboard. Daily, weekly and monthly trends are displayed in the reports.


  • Enhanced OEE as a result of monitoring of line losses.
  • Loss capture feature gives the customer a better grip on the nature and frequency of the line losses.
  • Weld data and parameters keep the quality of the parts in check.
  • Improved efficiency and longevity of robots and stations attributed to the timely preventive maintenance.
  • Efficient use of power and monitory gain due to to monitoring of the energy consumption.