Agro-Chemical manufacturing company wants intelligence solution for their production lines. They would like to improve their productivity by monitoring line OEE and Losses.


  • Leading Agro-Chemical team would like to automate their lines by which they will be able to visualize real-time OEE and analyze Losses summary of machines to improve their productivity by monitoring line OEE and Losses.
  • They would like to implement Manufacturing Intelligence
  • Time & Resource wastage due to Manual Data Entry of Line Losses & Production Count in the Logbook
  • Dependency on Data Entry operators to get accurate data on time


  • To meet these objectives various capabilities that are needed include:
  • OEE dashboards with comparison to Last Shift & Last Week.
  • Production Data Comparison with Last Shift & Last Week.
  • Line Level OEE and Production dashboard with comparison to other lines.
  • Comprehensive Cluster Dashboard with Production and OEE
  • Web-based Display and emailing solution for Plant Managers for Live connectivity to Plant performance.


  • Productivity improve by monitoring line OEE and Losses.
  • Monitoring downtime reasons by which customer work on machine failure problems to overcome from that. It help for fine operation of machine
  • Elimination of Manual Data Collection resulted in reduced Man Power
  • Accurate & Live OEE helping factory managers for planning future orders
  • Found out exact root cause of machine stoppages