A Major fast moving consumer goods manufacturer required control over the Solvent transfer, raw material dosing, dosing time, Reactors, And by recording of the data and monitoring over many critical processes.


  • Due to fast changing consumer needs plant expected to have the system which will track complete processes which are involved in the production with following challenges
  • Capturing of Raw Material Dosing Weights, Raw Material Dosing Times, Critical Parameters viz., Mixer Temperature, Motor Speed/Current/Energy Consumed, Batch Number, Batch Start Time/Stop Time, Phase Start Time/Stop Time, Recipe ID and logging it against the Operator/Supervisor Information, capturing of the data related to the FG Quality Parameters
  • After capturing bringing all the required data parameters in at single point


  • To meet these objectives various capabilities that are needed include:
  • Captured the data from the various systems in the plant processes
  • Representation of captured data in the various graphical formats
  • Production Data Comparison with Last Shift & Last Week.
  • Mixer/ step wise data captured and representation is done with dashboard with comparison to actual required values
  • Comprehensive Cluster Dashboard with live data and alerts
  • Web-based Display and emailing solution for Plant Managers for Live connectivity to Plant performance


  • Integrated system resulting in integrated view & control of entire plant from Common Control room
  • Consistent Batch quality ensuring high standards of product quality
  • Increase in the accuracy as the complete process is monitored closely which causes optimum use of the raw materials and various input materials hence results into the reduced in the cost for the particular production process
  • Accurate data analysis is done as the data is automatically captured
  • Reduced the time required to create the end-shift report