Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) is one of the largest sector in our economy. To maintain the flow of FMCG products the manufacturing sector companies face many challenges viz. Production Tracking, Batch Monitoring, Process Control, and Warehouse Management. Our Accomplished team of engineers provide inventive solutions to enable better production control and ease management.

We have automated and Digitized many Consumer Packing Goods manufacturing plants consisting of following categories of products –

1. Home Care Products – Detergent Powders and Liquids

2. Personal Care Products – Soaps, Shampoos, Conditioners, Oral Care, Body Wash, Sanitizers ,Toiletries

3. Food & Beverages – Ketchup, Chocolates, Cereals, Soft Drinks, Breweries etc.


Batch & Dryer Process Automation

Batch & Dryer Process Automation is one of the most important pillars of an FMCG Manufacturing plant. Our accomplished team builds the batch and flexible recipe system using advanced and reliable devices like PlantPax DCS.

Electronic Batch Record

The Track and Trace solution is used widely for Warehouse Management, Asset and Spare Management and Fleet Monitoring in factories to provide real-time location tracking at the ground level for efficient Inventory Management and reducing wastage.


Statistical Process Control (SPC) solutions entail auto capturing of machine parameters and monitoring the real-time data providing a statistical analysis for the process parameters and enabling live Information Access on web and app via the MintFDI.

OEE & Loss Capture Automation

Loss Capture Automation is used extensively for packaging lines to analyze the production and loss details of the lines. Parameters monitored include the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Overall Line Efficiency (OLE), MTTR & MTBF . The live data is accessed on the Mintfdi web portal and app.

Safety and SOP Guidance

Safety and SOP Guidance solution involves documenting the procedure to operate the machines, follow safety guidelines and to guide the factory personnel during the maintenance of the machines. Implementing Safety and SOP Guidance solutions helps improve operator safety and save time. 

Utilities and Energy Monitoring

During Utilities and Energy Monitoring , we capture and monitor the critical parameters to analyse the data viz. Energy Consumption data, Air Consumption data etc. Furthermore, reports are prepared and  notifications are sent based on parameter deviation form threshold values.

Predictive & Preventive Maintenance

The Predictive & Preventive Maintenance solution entails an efficient method to study the pattern of failure and breakdown of machines using MintFDI modules. The algorithm detects the frequency of failures to help design an efficient maintenance schedule to avoid machine breakdown and reduce downtime.

Track and Trace

The Track and Trace solution is used widely in FMCG for monitoring the ratio of raw material in process operation. it can be also used in Warehouse Management, Asset and Spare Management and Fleet Monitoring in factories to provide real-time location tracking at the ground level for efficient productive of batch operation , Inventory Management and counter product aging.

Our team specializes in turnkey solutions in the FMCG domain which help control overall cost of operation and enhance the productivity of the undertaken system. We capture and monitor real-time data and enable the factory personnel to have continuous access to all parameters in order to make informed decisions to improve the system efficiency and help ease management at ground level.

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