A Multi-national Lube Oil manufacturer sets up green field facility near Mumbai for manufacturing of Lube Oils with Best in class technology for Batch Automation & Field integration with ASI bus technology resulting in faster time to market manufacturing  large product variants.


  • Existing plant was fully manual so no exposure to automation
  • New Plant expected to be best in class for technology & automation for competing with Global MNCs.
  • Faster time to market & highly flexible recipe management to take care of large product variants (500+ recipes)
  • Due to wide geographical spread of the plant it was expected to use latest network technology up-to device level to optimize Field installation and cabling cost
  • This being high volume low profit business plant operation expected to be at peak levels throughout (365 X 24 X 7)


  • Rockwell Process Automation system with Ethernet DLR as Network back-bone connected to various ASI Master modules located in field for field device integration
  • Field mounted Rockwell make IP-67 VFD’s installed near the motors
  • High end flexible Recipe management system based on specialized package for Blending plants – Auto-Blend
  • Special Software features to reduce the batch cycle time and increase the through-put to maintain peak level production maximizing the plant asset utilization.


  • Integration of Field devices & VFD’s on network resulting in reduction of overall installation time & cost of cabling & erection resulting in faster commissioning & reduction in overall project cost
  • Proven & time tested recipe & batch management system – Auto Blend enabled faster & error free production start up leading to faster time to market
  • Quick & fastest product changeover achieved due to the flexible recipe management system
  • Accurate charging resulting in almost zero amendments
  • Accurate Batch records & reports of Batch tracking