Logicon Technosolutions has partnered with Promtek, a UK-based company that has automated and digitized numerous plants across the UK, Europe, and Africa. Leveraging over 40 years of experience in serving the animal feed and nutrition industry, Promtek provides mills and blending operations with proven and cost-effective process control and recipe management solutions that are reliable, flexible, and future-proof. Through this partnership, Logicon is introducing these proven and reliable technologies to India.

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Revolutionary weighing

Improve your process control with proven, reliable, repeatable recipe/formulation-driven automation.

Centralised formula control

Accurately configure your process by recipe (e.g. mixer speed, moisture, temperature set points).

Repeatability and accuracy

Maximise your return on your investment projects with built-in measurement of equipment effectiveness.

Real-time stock control

Lower your manufacturing costs with informed decisions from predicted future production and stock usage.

Secure tracking and tracing

Increase your flexibility with integrated blending, labelling, product traceability and recipe handling applications.

User-friendly reporting

Keep tabs on your operations with built-in tools for production reporting, materials analysis and equipment effectiveness.

Total lot traceability

Reduce your risk of non-compliance with full batch traceability and historical recording, auditing and reporting on all aspects of plant performance.

Quality standards compliant

Provides records consistent with UFAS and BRC audit standards as well as ISO9001 quality, ISO14001 environment and OHSA18001 health and safety management systems.

Promtek team specializes in turnkey solutions in the Animal Feeds and Nutrition domain which help control overall cost of operation and enhance the productivity of the undertaken system. We capture and monitor real-time data and enable the factory personnel to have continuous access to all parameters in order to make informed decisions to improve the system efficiency and help ease management at ground level.

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