Embracing the dawn of innovation, Promtek and Logicon Technosolutions proudly unveil a strategic partnership dedicated to delivering cutting-edge, flexible, and reliable process automation and digitization solutions to manufacturers in the UK, Africa, and India.With a shared vision to redefine efficiency and productivity in industrial operations, this partnership aspires to reshape the landscape of industrial automation and factory digitization. Together, we will deliver innovative solutions and services that significantly enhance value for manufacturing industries. By harnessing our combined engineering expertise, seamlessly integrating technologies, and leveraging our extensive market presence, we aim to lead the way in revolutionising industrial automation. 

About the Partnership:

Positioning Promtek and Logicon Technosolutions as prime partners for global customers seeking to automate and digitally transform manufacturing operations, this strategic partnership is a testament to the shared vision of both family-owned businesses. With Promtek’s rich legacy spanning 50 years and Logicon Technosolutions celebrating 20 years in the industry, our commitment is twofold: to provide the most comprehensive and flexible Process Automation and Digital Manufacturing solutions for the global market, while also focusing on developing the skills and competency of the next generation of process control engineers and operators.

Partnership Objectives and Goals:

* Complimentary Solutions: This partnership seamlessly blends the expertise of Promtek and Logicon Technosolutions, offering complimentary solutions for industrial automation—a holistic approach providing end-to-end solutions for businesses seeking advanced automation technologies.

* Industry Expertise: Drawing from a proven track record, Promtek has successfully delivered solutions to Animal Feeds, Food, Bakery, and Chemical industries over its 50-year legacy. Simultaneously, Logicon Technosolutions has excelled in delivering systems to Life Science, FMCG, Automotive, Speciality Chemicals, Process OEM, and EPC industries in its 20-year journey. This partnership signifies a commitment to sharing the best technologies adopted by one industry with others, benefiting all industries.

* Broader Market Impact: Promtek’s 50-year stronghold in the UK, Europe and recent expansion into Africa, combined with Logicon’s dominance in South Asia, positions this collaboration to bring cutting-edge capabilities to each other’s markets. This synergistic approach will provide customers with the latest technologies from both parts of the world.

* Efficiency and Sustainability: Pioneering a shift in the industrial automation market, Promtek and Logicon Technosolutions are dedicated to providing sustainable options for manufacturers. Our joint initiative focuses on reducing waste through enhanced efficiency, digitized operations, and reduced carbon footprints—a crucial need of the hour.

* Comprehensive Industrial Solutions: The combined strengths of Promtek and Logicon Technosolutions present businesses with a comprehensive suite of services. From concept and feasibility studies to the design, manufacturing, and installation of automation systems, our collaboration covers every aspect of industrial automation.

* Integration of Technologies: This alliance seamlessly integrates Promtek’s award-winning Process Automation and manufacturing analytics platforms with Logicon Technosolutions’ expertise in turn-key instrumentation, process automation, and digital manufacturing solutions. The result is an unparalleled integrated information solution designed to enhance global productivity, plant efficiency, operational risk reduction, and system interoperability.

* Commitment to Innovation: The strategic partnership underscores Promtek and Logicon Technosolutions’ commitment to drive innovation, provide unparalleled solutions, and utilise skilled engineering teams to meet the evolving needs of manufacturers in India, Africa and the UK.

* Utilising Skilled Engineering Strength: With both companies contributing their skilled engineering strength, this collaboration brings dedicated teams to solve complex problems in the industrial automation domain. This synergy ensures innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by manufacturers. And also commitment to developing the skills and competency of the next generation of process control engineers and operators

About Promtek:

Promtek Ltd specialises in designing and integrating process control and automation systems for a variety of bulk material handling industries, with 50 years of expertise.  Promtek offers award-winning Industry 4.0-ready automation and processing systems and integration platforms, aiding manufacturers in improving production efficiency, providing batch and material traceability, and helping them to reduce wastage and minimise environmental impact. With an experienced engineering team and acclaimed products, Promtek is transforming factories into smart and digital facilities.

About Logicon Technosolutions:

Logicon Technosolutions is a leading provider of turn-key instrumentation, process automation, and digital manufacturing solutions across diverse industries. Embracing the digital manufacturing revolution, Logicon integrates cutting-edge technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), data analytics, and AI. Logicon Technosolutions is a Platinum System Integrator of Rockwell Automation and consistently ranks among the Top 100 Global System Integrators Giants, showcasing sustained excellence and global impact.